Wondershare Audio Recorder

Wondershare Audio Recorder

Wondershare Audio Recorder offers you the ideal solution to...

Wondershare Audio Recorder offers you the ideal solution to realize the transfer from web to local disk. Proved and accredited by the market and massive users, Audio Recorder enables you to record online music, record web radio stations, record sound from videos, record calls and much more!

Radio Recorder Key Feature: 1. Record any audios played in your PCAs a powerful sound recorder, Audio Recorder lets you record almost any sound, including online music, online radios, internet calls, etc.

You just name it. 2. Record songs from more than 500 online music sitesAudio Recorder help you accomplish to find and record online music from over 500 popular music sites.

Pandora, YouTube, Zune Pass, Rhapsody, MySpace Music are all among them. 3. Record over 2000 internet radio stationsXM Radio, AOL Radio, iTunes Radio, Last.

fm Is radio one of your favorite? More than 2000 online radio stations have been tested by Audio Recorder. It works great. 4. Record Skype calls or microphonesPlus, you can record calls from internet, Skype calls, microphones, interviews, internet conference, all possible to be recorded by Audio Recorder.

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Wondershare Audio Recorder


Wondershare Audio Recorder

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